New Money
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I've tried every thing I can think of
but nothing I do seems to work
I'm over here feeling defeated
stupid, silly and like a jerk
there's got to be something I can do
my situation's no longer funny
the time has come the waiting's done
I need to make some new money

I offered my Art at low prices
even offered a bonus too
if you buy four or even more
I'd send a free one to you
the art sold well for awhile
but things slowed down too soon
I feel like a lone wolf over here
howling all night at the moon

I created a few books recently
and offered them to all of you
I've done Cover Art and Logos
built web sites and web page too
I've tried every thing I can think of
but nothing worked out in the end
if you have any suggestions
give them to me my friend

If I could I would be working
there's so much work around here this year
sitting inside this house all day
is no fun let me make that clear
once I had a nice little savings
but now that savings is gone
I need to make some new money
to pay some one to mow my lawn...

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©2005 Jim Nasium

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