They Don't Have A Lot To Say
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Your typical all American family
two children, two cars and a cat
a big house out in the country
it's peaceful where they're at
they have every thing they could want
decided this is where they'll stay
every one thinks they're very happy
but they don't have a lot to say

He works in the big city
has to commute by car and train
he goes to work six days a week
and you'll never hear him complain
he's a very good provider
but he's never home except for Sunday
and even when they are together
they don't have a lot to say

The kids are in school and when's schools done
they have their friends and things to do
always on the run busy having fun
they don't talk to mom like they used to
especially on the weekends
the kids are always away
she's starving for love and attention
they don't have a lot to say

Dinner's waiting when he gets home
another long day finally through
she kisses him hello and takes his coat
then she asks him what's new
they'll talk a bit while they eat
then they both go their own way
she watches TV, he showers and shaves
they don't have a lot to say

He's asleep early every night
she sits alone watching a show
and she wants more out of life
but has no place else she can go
she loves her children way too much
to leave them so she decided to stay
living alone together in a big house
they don't have a lot to say

She is a beautiful woman
her spirit is very happy
but she's alone most all the time
busy at home is where she'll be
at least that's what he'd like to think
he don't know what she does every day
she wishes she could talk to him more
but they don't have a lot to say

Getting old before her time
and being alone for way too long
made her decide to give it a try
even though she knew it was wrong
she found and took a lover
because she was rotting away
they live separate life's together
because they don't have a lot to say

Her lovers wants her to get a divorce
he loves her more than his own life
he's never met any one like her
and needs to make her his wife
but she's not going to give up her kids
they both know she has to stay
in that big house with that other man
even though they don't have a lot to say...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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