I Refuse To Care
A Poem by Jim Nasium

June 2006 will be a month very few in Eastern Pennsylvania will ever forget. Heavy rains for days cause all the creeks, rivers and lake to over flow, in some place by as much as 4 foot
I was lucky and ended up with only a fraction of an inch of water in my basement...

Some people I know are in trouble
their homes are under water today
the Delaware River has flooded it's banks
no dry place near by to stay
the water is only going to get deeper
there's more rain on it's way
it's rained every day for a freaking week
on and off all night and day

The Schuylkill River has flooded Bridgeport
Norristown and Consechocken too
Manayunk looks a lot like Venice
there's not much anyone can do
the flood water level is higher
than it's been in a long long time
so far there has been no looting
and no out of the ordinary crime

Yardley is evacuated
Roxboro looks like a lake
all the folks that bought homes by the river
know now they made a mistake
The Red cross has set up shelters
you can see them everywhere
The National Guard has been called in
but I don't even care...

Reading is underwater
so is Pottstown too
the flood water mixed with the sewer
the waters brown and all full'a poo
folks are leaving their homes behind
and heading for higher ground
but me I kind'a like what I see
moving water makes a wonderful sound

Bridges and roads are closed
there are detours every where
but me I am safe at home
and I don't have a care
let it rain for another whole week
that is if it wants too
nothing will change in my life
I'll still got'a do what I got to do

I heard over four hundred counties
here in the state of PA.
are all declared a disaster
folks are not allowed to stay
so far I am high and dry
there are colors every where
no one gives a fuck about me
so I refuse to care....
©2006 Jim Nasium

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