inconsiderate abuse
A Poem by Jim Nasium

It is not inconsiderate abuse
I give up what's the use
you got to be right all of the time
now ya got me thinking that maybe I'm
better off living all by my self
it sure would be easier on my health
at least I would get a good night sleep
as it now I'm awake all night and I weep

All you do is bust my balls
you get upset over my Art on the walls
you want me to be neater and to lend a hand
what wrong with you, don't you understand
you give me no room to move or to grow
and here's something else you need to know
I can not pee with the seat down
unless you want me to all over the ground

Every where I look all I see are your things
garters, stocking, panties and rings
silk sheik this and see through that
and then there's your freaking cat
the litter box stinks I can't take no more
I'm going throw it and the cat out the door
why can't you understand that I live her too
I'm so freaking tired of the things you do

In the kitchen you got all sorts of things
like blenders, and toasters and napkin rings
your best dishes I am not allow to use
the tea cups are precious but here's some news
I need a little room on our kitchen table
to read my paper and eat when I am able
and then I like to lay on the couch alone
when I'm watching TV why can't you get the phone

I'm at work all day trying to earn some money
I share it with you because you are my honey
but all day long you go shopping and then
you bring home new stuff again and again
there's no room to walk I can't even stand
you got stuff every where I don't understand
why you got to claim every room in the house
had I know this I'd have not taken a spouse

No it is not inconsiderate abuse
forgetaboutit, I give up what's the use!
when you got curlers and perfume every where
over the shower curtain rod hangs your underwear
you got powders, oils, creams and lotions
sea weed masks from far away oceans
there's no room left in the bathroom for me
so what if I leave the seat up when I pee?...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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