Dancing With Your Lover
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Dancing with your lover
real late at night
naked and excited
under moon light
down by the river
over near the lake
getting together
was not a mistake

Dancing with your lover
so very happy
watching her squat
to take a pee
get all excited
hard as a rock
all of a sudden
she sucks your cock

Dancing with your lover
down on the ground
moans you both make
the only sound
all hot and sweaty
tangled in a lovers knot
nights like this night
won't be forgot

Dancing with your lover
her feet in the air
you're all the way in
but she don't care
you have your way
she's all wet and hot
you go at it for an hour
make a big wet spot

Dancing with your lover
if only in a dream
you work well together
make a great team
too bad your lover
isn't yours at all
each time you stand up
you get dizzy and fall

Dancing with your lover
if only in your heart
there's got to be an end
if there is a start
torn between two worlds
she leaves you alone
tired weak old and sick
all your wild seeds sown

Dancing with your lover
lost in a day dream
wanting her so badly
makes you scream
tears flow from your eyes
a break down's on the way
things just get worse
every fucking day....
©2006 Jim Nasium

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