The Next Time Is The Last Time
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Please do not get excited or upset and start worrying about me and sending me "Oh Jim are you alright?" letters after you read the poem below. The subject matter may upset some'a you a bit, but trust me when I say the poem below is fiction, and is nothing more or less than that. This poem is in fact just another poem the way I see it...

My heart is made of very thin glass
if you look you can see through
it's been broken so many times
but when I finally met you
I felt my heart come alive
it started beating again
you accepted me for what I am
just wanted to be my friend

Time passes quickly when you're having fun
before I knew it my heart was whole
you got deep inside my head
felt like the other half of my soul
you made me feel like a man again
over looked my broken body
all along I convinced myself
you were the woman for me

Turns out I was kidding myself
I should have known better from the start
I'm not very lucky or so it seems
when it comes to love or matters of the heart
so here I sit once again
alone and so confused
my heart's broken beyond repair
I feel empty, betrayed and used

I am a recovering addict
been sober for a long long time
but I've made up my mind
to commit the ultimate crime
next time I used my drug of choice
will be my very last
and you reading my poetry
will become a thing of the past

I just can't take it any more
every day it's some thing new
I haven't time to sit here
to explain it all to you
I got a date with my fate
this time I am in control finally
when you said what you said today
you broke my heart and destroyed me...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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