How Could I Ever Forget
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I knew she wasn't a tour guide; that she lied
that much was perfectly clear
then when she gave me "that look" of love
I knew what she was doing there
she made her move and I fell in her groove
when she asked "do you want some blow"
I said "okay I'd like to try some today
do you have some place we can go"

She said "ok follow me and you will see"
so we started walking away
like a clown I followed her to the bad side of town
no place I would want to stay
we went up the steps to her corner room
on top of her fathers shop
she gave me a line and it was so fine
it made my freaking ears pop

I asked for "some more" and sat on the floor
laid a big pile of money down
she reassured me her product was cutter free
that she had the best in town
I asked her name and played her game
trying to be reserved and coy
she smiled at me and set my fears free
made me glad I was a boy

We sat there all day snorting away
I suggest we cook some up to smoke
she gave me a pile and that made me smile
so I cooked it up and took a big poke
my ears started to ring and every thing
in the room turned into white light
the rush was amazing and I was lost gazing
then she said "If you want me it'd be alright"

I wanted to smoke more still down on the floor
but fell victim to her siren song of lies
"Oh I want you so and don't you know
you so different than most other guys
you got to get in bed I want to give you head
take off your pants and let have romance"
we made love all day and I decided to stay
with her all night and take a chance

She was real pretty and she liked me
and she was willing hot wet and tight
and I'm telling you it didn't matter what I'd do
what ever I did was alright
the night flew right by and we were so high
all tangled in a lovers knot
oh what a time a memory of mine
that certainly won't be forgot

I knew she wasn't a tour guide and that she lied
but I went with her back to her place
I had a real a chance for some romance
she had such a pretty face
we had a great time and now I'm
thinking she was the best yet
a memory so very special to me
how could I ever forget...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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