Cane And Able; Two Poems
A Poem by Jim Nasium


Once he could walk forever
climb mountains to the sky
run through open meadows
even when he was high
strong as bull smart as a fox
free as the condors above
totally confused about his life
and that thing called love

Now he can't walk with out a cane
he's older than his years
left alone in a dark void
to face all of his fears
the cane has become his best friend
it helps him to get along
but mostly he sits throwing creative fits
listening to his muse sing her siren song...

and now...


She was more than able
to drive him out of his mind
every new day given to him
was another chance for her to find
something new to torment him with
but he put up with her any way
after all he was able
understanding the games she'd play

She was more than able
he was very able too
if they'd only work together
there's be nothing they couldn't do
she's a trusting educated soul
he's street smart and intelligent
both of them are very able
but who knows where their desire went...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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