Yes I Love You, but....
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Yes I do love you, but I love my truck
so go in peace, I wish you good luck
the time has come lets face it finally
there's nothing left between us, that I can see
all we have is yesterday and yesterday's gone
tomorrow is another day; always darkest before dawn
when one door closes, another door will open
well any how that what I'm wishing and hoping...

Yes I love you but I love to fish
you tried so hard to get your one wish
but I wasn't into settling down
I'm free and single, like to get around
since you said your going, then just go away
once you're gone don't contact me in any way
good luck with your cancer and the rest of your life
I love you but damn it, I don't want a wife...

Yes I do love you but can't take no more
the way that you act, like a fucking whore
you got a mouth like a sailor, but can't back it up
you're smart as can be, yet a very sick pup
I never once told you that I shared your dream
don't you know things aren't always as they seem
sooner or later every thing must come to an end
I will never forget you, I called you my friend...

Yes I still love you, but I love this machine
it allows me to create, know what I mean
it's always there for me, to keep me occupied
been so good to me, never once has it lied
it always remembers, exactly what I said
too bad I can't take my computer to bed
I love so many things, and love them all the same
sorry to see you go, but I'm tired of your game...

Yes I do love you but I like to be alone
stop writing to me, get off my telephone
it's over let face it so go on your way
we said everything that we need to say
I love you it's true but you are insane
I'm sick of your crap, I got my own pain
health issues to deal with, I'm a nervous mess
yes I do love you, [but] that much I'll confess...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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