The Negative Aspects Of Making Love On The Beach
In The Sand As Gathered From Personal Experience
A Poem by Jim Nasium

The negative aspects of making love
on the beach in the sand
I gathered from personal experiences
aren't too hard to hard to understand
it's a real mess and I will confess
I won't do that any more
just can't forget and now I regret
and my poor willy was so very sore

The day was such fun we went for a run
on the seven miles of pure white beach
we were staying in Negril Jamaica
had everything with in reach
time was our own and you wanted my bone
you said "right now, right here"
and since I'm dog and can be a hog
I said "that's fine with me dear"

We did our thing and I felt like a King
who just conquered his Queen
we got a little rough but you're tuff
you know I'm never mean
we came and we came it was insane
the way you get so wet and hot
you called out my name you're not hard to tame
since I know to hit just the right spot

When our love making was over
and we lay in after glow
all tangled in a lovers knots
before too long wouldn't you know
that making love in the sand
was not the smartest thing to do
it's a real mess and I will confess
I hate it when sand gets in you

The love making was very special
you fit in my arms so well
I know you really love me
that much is easy to tell
you know I always do my best
to make sure your satisfied
butt [pun] when I got sand in my ass
I just broke down and cried

I was weak tired and hungry
just wanted was a drink and a smoke
what happened after we made love on the sand
only recently has become a joke
you got sand deep inside of yourself
I had it all over me too
then a freaking tiny sand crab
tried to climb in where I poo

I got bit by a snake and make no mistake
there were bugs and flies all around
the sand was wet I'll never forget
our juices were all over the ground
the sand was hot and I haven't forgot
what a wonderful time we had
but sex on the beach a lesson did teach
and it made both of us sad

So if you want sex with me it's got to be
in a bed or on solid dry ground
got to make sure we're not near the shore
and that there is no sand around
I do love you so but the sands got to go
just can't go through that again
if you don't understand then get a new man
and I'll go find myself a new friend....
©2006 Jim Nasium

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