A Place In My Heart: Part One And Two
A Poem by Jim Nasium

A Place In My Heart
Part One

My doctor needs a doctor
it seem that he is sick
I wonder why today
was the day that he'd pick
to not show up for work
I needed to see him bad
at first when they said "he's not here"
I got upset and a little mad

I said "my doctor needs a doctor
to take care of his appointments
like the man with the real bad cough
and the lady who needed ointments
to put on her many nasty sores
since they're all leaking puss
I really don't want any trouble today
and Nurse, I'm not trying to start a fuss"

"but, my doctor needs to be here
there are many of us that are sick
and of all the days to take off
why was today the day he'd pick
so tell me what can I do now
that my doctor isn't here
you know I need to see him
that much should be clear"

"Relax a little Jim" said the Nurse
"tell you what I'm going to do
although the other Doctor is booked up
she said she'd still see you too
just take a seat and wait your turn
she promised to squeeze you in"
and then nurse went on to say that
"if you like her she'll see you next time, again"


I waited for what seemed like forever
then they finally called my name
so I slowly got out of my chair
after all I'm still sore and lame
limped my way to the nurse
who put me in a wheel chair
offered me fresh hot coffee
and some cookies she brought in to share

She took me to a waiting room
where I was asked to wait some more
finally about twenty minutes later
there was a soft knock on the door
then a vision of pure beauty
walked in to the examining room
said "hello my name is Heather"
as my lust sealed my doom

"Hello I'm pleased to meet you
thank you for seeing me
I'm amazed you're a doctor
what are you twenty-three
you should have been a model
my god girl look at you"
she blushed and said "thank you
now tell me what can I do"?

"I need my medication
and some one I can talk to
my leg is sore and I can't walk
I don't know what to do
try my best to keep the faith
but it's catching up with me
take a real good look Doc
at this broken man that isn't me"


"I've read your record carefully Jim
and I don't know what to say
it seem you should be dead already
over a year ago but yet some way
some thing's keeping you alive
please share your secret with me
and pull down your pants, show me your scar
it's something I'd like to see"

With out even thinking about it
I stood up and dropped my pants
my manhood was hanging out
her bed room eyes glowed with romance
I felt myself getting hard
when she put her hand on my ass
said "it seems you healed real well"
then turned away with class

I slowly pulled my pants up
waiting for her to turn around
she saw I was very excited
and couldn't utter a sound
so I said I've got another scar
I think you'd like to see
this one healed just as well
it's right here on my belly

She was so very beautiful
I wasn't sure what to say
so I told her I was having an Art Sale
on my web site today
I gave her my card with web site address
we talked a little about my Art
she wrote my scripts and gave me a hug
and found a place in my heart


Before I left the office
I asked her to give me a call
invited her to my house
to see my Art hanging on my wall
she said that she would call me
after she looked on line at my work
then softly said goodbye to me
and smiled with a cute smirk

I told her I don't want to leave
asked her if I could stay
she said please be serious Jim
you know I got others to see today
I smiled and said how about tonight
what are you doing about eight
maybe we can go to dinner
or is that a little too late?

She said let me think about it
after all I'm single like you
and I think it would be fun
to spend some time with you
as long as you're a gentleman
and don't let me in your heart
I told her it's too late for that
she had me from the start

I left there feeling better
but still I couldn't walk
at least I got my scripts
and had a little talk
with the most beautiful doctor
that I have ever seen
she seems so interested in my case and
that made me feel good; know what I mean?


A Place In My Heart: A Few Hours Later
[things are as they should be]

Today I met a new doctor
and I think I rocked her
when I asked her to go out with me
she took my business card
and made my cock hard
then said "Okay sometime soon, we'll see"

I pulled down my pants
and gave her a chance
to see the scar on my leg and ass
then she touched me
and very gently
moved with grace and class

So I asked her out
with a bit of doubt
what ever would she want with me
but never the less
I tried and I guess
that's the way I'll always be

It was earlier today
when you heard me say
I didn't think my doctor would call
I'm old, weak, and fat
and more than that
dating patients is against the law

Joy filled my eyes
and I was surprised
when she called a little while ago
she's said it'd be ok
to go out some day
and she wanted to let me know

She cares about me
wants to help for free
said she'd even pay for dinner
my old world charm
did no harm
it seems I was able to win her

And she wanted to come over
for a roll in the clover
but I said I was going to bed
she's said that's okay
she really couldn't stay
but would love to give me some head

I asked her again
to just be my friend
and maybe buy some of my Art
she said it's too late
and she wants to date
I got deep in her heart

She begged me to say yes
and I will confess
I wanted her to come by
but what can I say
I gave my heart away
and there was no reason why

I would do another
other than my lover
the one that loves me true
I wanted the doctor so
but said I got to go
tell me what hell else could I do

When you are in love
a gift from above
you learn to control your lust
and hard as I was
here's the latest buzz
loyalty in love is a must

So we said goodnight
and maybe she might
understand why I said no
some day later on
when her lust is gone
that is if it will ever go

The tone of her voice
which left me no choice
told me more than the words she said
her voice filled my ear
and then my worse fear
starting popping up in my head

I started to get weak
and was ready to speak
to tell her we could meet tomorrow
but it was too late
I sealed my fate
she said goodnight with much sorrow

So I hung up the phone
and sat here alone
thinking about what I had just done
but loyalty's a must
it's all or ya bust
being in love can be such fun

It's the end of day
and what can I say
it seems I still got it after all
the doc was so pretty
and she excited me
which made my willy stand tall

Today I had a female doctor
and I think I rocked her
or maybe she felt sorry for me
but either way
that chance's gone away
things are as they should be......
©2006 Jim Nasium

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