Childrens Stories
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I could write children's stories
about an evil insane mother
who finally lost her mind and
families that turn on each other

Hateful fights over money and property
You know, some really real life stories
that some'a the kids, sooner or later
will be able to relate to just like me

Some of the illustrations would include
an evil old woman pushing someone down
another could be of her pulling a knife
then going after them chasing them around

There could be the one of her stealing money, or
throwing away clothes, and just being mean
running up charge cards and lying
the best illustrations you've ever seen

Another great subject for the kiddies
would be all about how when they grow old
they will go to school for sixteen years
and the way the story would be told

They'd end up working in a fast food joint
I can imagine illustrations that would surprise
a young man flipping burgers smoking a blunt
the young woman draining grease off'a bucket of fries

Some one in an open window in the middle of winter
wearing a silly hat and head phones saying
can I take you order and thank you
when each customer orders or is paying

What wonderful stories I could write
for children who want to know
that life is not a bowl of cherries
thing don't always go the way we want then to go...
©2006 Jim Nasium

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