Even More Talk / That Night
Art & Poetry by Jim Nasium

There was so much to talk about
that magical night in Negril
I was glad to have my son with me
that alone gave me a thrill

My old friend Head was there
because our friend 3 had died
we ate and drank the night away
until our brains were fried

At dawn we sail out to sea
towards brilliant red morning skies
as we dumped 3's ashes overboard
I felt tears falling from my eyes

Once we anchored near the coral reef
that's come to be called Sandy Key
suddenly I started feeling strange
as if 3 were there with me

I heard a voice in the breeze
telling me my luck won't last
I've used my last chance long ago
some time in the past

so if my time is coming soon
I wonder who'll care about me
when it's time for me to become ash
who'll dump my ashes in Sandy Key...

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©2007 Jim Nasium

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