A Poem by Jim Nasium

Her toes were actually beautiful
the most beautiful toes I've ever seen
she kept them trimmed and painted them
ever since she was a teen

Her feet were perfectly proportioned
not too big but not too small
looked good in heels, flats and flip flops
or any kind of shoes at all

Her legs were the legs of a dancer
they were long and shaped just right
I loved to have them wrapped around me
especially in bed late at night

Her hips were made for giving birth
her ass so firm and round
and when I'd made love to her
she made the cutest sound

Her belly was flat and tight
her tits were so perfect and I
wanted to make a cast of them
but she never understood why

Her face was so very beautiful
she had a smile that made me melt
my heart sang when ever I saw her
she had the gentlest touch I ever felt

Her hair was soft and it tickled
my face when she's get close to me
and when the sun light danced in it
there were so very many colors to see

I loved the way she smelled
and loved the way she kissed
and now that the lady is gone
she will be missed

Her story is a very sad one
the lady just wasn't free
it didn't matter much at all
how much she meant to me...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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