There's Little You Can Do
A Poem by Jim Nasium

When you hurt deep down inside
and there's nothing no one can do
you should'a been dead two years ago
now life's a dead end road for you
it's way too late for turning back
there's no place to go any way
yet there's still so much ya want to do
still so much ya need to say

When you tried your best to fight it
didn't listen to a thing they said
you went to work and exercised
when they wanted you to stay in bed
inside you knew you couldn't win
but ya kept on fighting any way
there's still so much ya need to do
so very much you want to say

When ya sit and write in the middle of the night
with tears falling from your eyes
you feel so alone and don't have a home
the pain ya feel comes as no surprise
when your heart is broke beyond repair
and Cancer is eating at you
there's so very much you want to say
and even more you wanna do

When you know you're running out of time
each new day is a gift from above
and even as wonderful as that gift is
the days are empty with out true love
to want some thing as much as you can
knowing it will never come to you
there so much you wish you could say
and there's still things you want to do

When you do the very best you can
yet nothing seems to be good enough
your body's broken, you're tired and weak
wild oats are sown and you've lost your stuff
you're old and gray and people say
they way you walk is funny and it hurts you
there so much you want to say to them
but there's little you can do...
©2007 Jim Nasium

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