The Art Show

Jim Nasium

This poem is broken down into 3 parts...
the third part has some lite adult content in it.

The Art Show...
[early, opening night]

I walked among the guests and visitors
no one there knew who I could be
I loved talking to them about my Art
when they didn't know it was painted by me...

I knew I was getting honest opinions
and was surprised at all I heard
every one seemed to like what they saw
I didn't hear one negative word

The Art Show...
[later the same night]

So much Art and so many people
plus the lights were way too bright
I still wonder why I ever even went
to my Art Shows opening that night

Every one asked me the same questions
but each person got a different answer
the only enjoyment I took that whole night
was the food, band, and the go go dancer

Never the less I guess I should confess
the show did even better than I thought
I made front page news in my black and white shoes
and was happy so very many people bought.

The Art Show
[after the show closed]

I was glad to say my last goodbye
the whole ordeal had been hard on me
getting ready for a one man show
never goes fast, and it's not easy
I locked the door and took a deep breath
turned off the main rooms light
walked towards the lounge exhausted
when I was surprised by a beautiful sight

"I hope you don't mind me being here"
she said with desire in her voice
I looked at her big bedroom eyes and replied
"too late now, you're here, I've no choice"
she smiled and she giggled, took a sip of her drink
told me she loved the show and all my Art
she uncrossed her legs and stood up slowly
I'm sure she could hear the beating of my heart

"Let me get you a drink, why not sit down
I'd love to talk to you for awhile"
her piercing eyes looked deep in my soul
as she gave me a "I want you" smile
I said "it's getting late and I have a date"
but she knew that was all just a story
she sat next to me and before I knew it
my manhood stood proud, in all it's glory

When the blood starts to flow, and you know
you want something more than ever before
what's it matter what time it is or if
you go at it so hard you end up on the floor
all tangled in a lovers knot with her
I don't know why, but I never felt so excited
we did what we did right there in the lounge
until dawn, and we were both rather delighted...

That's me in the back there, on the right

©2008 Jim Nasium

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