The Cleaning Lady
two short poems
Jim Nasium

The Cleaning Lady
(always turns me on)

When ever The Cleaning Lady comes
she squirts stuff all over the place
one time I got to close to her
and she squirted all over my face
she makes a mess but I'll confess
we always have a lot of fun
I'm always tired, feeling weak
when The Cleaning Lady's done

When ever The Cleaning Lady comes
she likes to fool around
and she's the best Cleaning Lady
I have ever found
this place is always nice and clean
even when she's gone
The Cleaning Lady is so fine
she always turns me on


The Cleaning Lady
(always seems to misunderstand me)

I asked The Cleaning Lady if she could come
but she totally missed my meaning
she thought I was asking her to go to bed
but I was talking about Spring Cleaning
you see I need her to come do things
that are way too hard for me to do
each time she comes she brings me dried plums
and all she really wants to do is screw...

I asked The Cleaning Lady if she could come
spend some time and tear this place apart
asked her to just come here and clean
made my self clear right from the start
I don't want to get involved with any one
don't care if I ever feel love again
"I don't want to be just your Cleaning Lady"
she said, "I want to be your friend"


I told The Cleaning Lady not to come
asked her to "just leave me alone
I'll find some one else to clean"
then blocked her number on my phone
I'm tired of her flirting with me
just can't take her advances any more
thought I had hired a Cleaning Lady
turns out she's really just a whore

I told The Cleaning Lady not to come
I'm tired of her hitting on me
don't want to have sex with her
wish she would just let me be
all I wanted was some one to clean
maybe do some'a my laundry
even though my intentions are always clear
she always seems to misunderstand me...

©2011 Jim Nasium

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