Wishing Well
Jim Nasium

went for a walk the other day
down the hill there's parkgounds
as I shuffled along the path
I heard the strangest sounds
then suddenly I came upon
a wishing well in the valley
took a look down the well
heard a voice speak to me

"since this is your first time
for ever coming here
I'll grant you just one wish
but let me make this clear
you can't tell any one
what it was you wished for
and you've got to promise
you won't come here no more"

A moment that lasted a lifetime
passed as I thought of what to say
then finally after a long time
I softly said "okay"
the voice said "think about this
you'll only get one chance
don't waste your time wishing for
stupid stuff like money or romance"

I muttered out a "thank you"
then looked down into the well
knew something was down there
the water was moving so I could tell
finally I made my wish
sorry I can't tell you
but if I suddenly disappear
you'll know my dream came true

©2014 Jim Nasium

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