The Muses
Jim Nasium

All nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus
came to visit me the other day
they tried to get me to talk
but I had nothing to say
we sat there looking at each other
Melpomene wanted to stay with me
I told her it would never work out
already had enough tradegy
Clio said "let's face it
you've a colorful History
and how you ended up here
is no real mystery"
Urania said "it's in the stars
you can not change your fate"
I suggested they should leave
said "it's getting late"
Thalia sat there laughing
Terpsichore started to dance
Erato recited Poetry
she was looking for romance
Calliope wanted to stay all night
she spoke with her bed room eyes
they all swore their devotion
but I could see through their lies
Polyhymnia started singing
her Siren Song of inspiration
I stared feeling strange
dripping wet with perspiration
Euterpe took me by the hand
she said listen to me
you'll find peace in your Art
and your poetry...
and so I started writing
it's coming back to me
I thought I had lost it
but it's plain to see
My Muse is still with me
she's driving me insane
there's so much going on up there
deep inside my brain...

©2014 Jim Nasium

The Muses are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They are known for the music of their song, which brings joy to any who hear it.

There are nine Muses, each with her own specialty: Clio (History), Urania (Astronomy), Melpomene (Tragedy), Thalia (Comedy), Terpsichore (Dance), Calliope (Epic Poetry), Erato (Love Poetry), Polyhymnia (Songs to the Gods), Euterpe (Lyric Poetry)

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