The Irony
Jim Nasium

the irony is clear to me
"I see" said the blind man
the two birds hidden in the bush
are worth less than one in hand
the grass is not greener on the other side
no matter what you heard
who in their right mind would want a worm
except the early bird...
the early bird's singing songs
dawn colors light up the sky
thankful for another day
still not real sure why
the jokes on me, seriously
now I feel like a fool
I confess; tried my best
to live by the golden rule
the golden rule, the proper tool
to get the job done right
there's still a chance to slip away
under the cover of night
a stitch in time may save nine
it's too late, I'm torn apart
there's nothing left of my dream
or my tired old broken heart...

©2014 Jim Nasium

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