The Mexican Whore House
Jim Nasium

I got a box of spare ribs
from the local Bar B Q
bought a new cow boy hat
a pair of cowboy boots too
stopped at the closest ATM
got a big wad of cash
went to the Mexican Whore House
and now I got a rash...

I went to the local drug store
bought myself some cream
when ever I applied some
it burned so much I'd scream
so I went to my doctor
showed her what happened to me
she said "what the hell's wrong with you?
a Mexican Whore House Jim, seriously..."

I told my primary doctor
I'm feeling pretty bad
things are not good at home
my girl friend makes me sad
she's up all night watching TV
during the day all she does is sleep
I've never felt more rejected
then I started to weep

I went on about how bad I feel
since I left my home town
and that most days recently
I'm feeling confused and down
I gave up everything I had
to come here and be with Sue
but she's still in a world of her own
I don't know what to do

so I went to a Mexican Whore House
across the tracks and down the street
they have a lot of women there
most are younger, thin and sweet
a few of them are old and fat
all're willing to do anything
they try their best to satisfy
I left feeling like a King

recently when I got to pee
it feels like my thing's on fire
I stand screaming all the while
yet inside I burn with desire
I long to feel a woman's touch
a woman that truly loves me
and by they way i refuse to pay
from this day off my pussy'll be free...

©2014 Jim Nasium

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