The Shoe Shine Boy
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

I'll never forget all the great shoe shines I got, the friends I made, the connections I met, or the fun I had at a shoe shine stand (somewhere) in
Colombia S. A.

An Introduction to the poem...

In Colombia's small towns and villages
there are no paved or concrete streets
the roads are dirt and they get muddy
when it rains walking on them is no treat

Shoes or boots get dirty so easy
but if you have the money
The Shoe Shine Boy will fix you up
and he'll do it very quickly

The Shoe Sine Boy

In Colombia on almost every corner
in every city, village or town
there is always a shoe shine boy
and there are so many'a them around

The funniest thing about this is
the people can't afford to have shiny shoes
so the shoe shine boys sit and wait
and sometimes they takes a snooze

In Colombia I wore work boots or sneakers
I always kept my work boots shiny
the shoe shine boy would fix me up
he would used extra polish for me

Shoe Shine Boys only charged one peso
but I would always give them two
it was the only way I knew for sure
I'd get the best job they could do

In Colombia on every other corner
there's some one wanting to sell you Fruit
there are dealers selling every thing
from Whores to pure Colombian Toot

The cost of living is very low
almost every one there is poor
the shoe shine boy sits and waits
but I can never go back there no more...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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