After All, I'm Just That Way
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

I like to go to the city
there's so very much to do
museums, galleries, clothing stores
and there's the Italian Market too
but the streets are always busy
and every thing comes at a high cost
there's way too much noise for me
and then there's the car exhaust...

I love to go out in the country
maybe sit down by the lake
just to relax and enjoy nature
how could that ever be a mistake
and I like to go in any season
spring, summer, winter or fall
I love being outside in the fresh air
and always enjoy every thing I saw...

but, I am also a home body
I like sitting at my desk, right here
in front of my custom built computer
in my big black leather chair
I like sitting out on my 2nd floor deck
smoking a fatty, or drinking some wine
and if that sounds good to you
why not stop around some time

I really do like different places
and I also like different things
I'm happy to just sit at my desk
when ever my Muse sings
her siren song of inspiration
some times I draw, others, I write
some times I sit here all alone
and pass away the whole night

Some times I'm at the museum
or a down town high class Gallery
I've been know to sit by the lake
alone, way out in the country
I stay inside some times for days
other times I don't want to go in
no matter where I am or how hard I try
for some reason, it seems I can't win

I'm not a very happy person
been betrayed by my family
I swore I'd never love or trust again
then a new love came to me
she told me that she loved me
but then she broke my heart
I caught her with another man
and my whole world fell apart

I try my best to do the right thing
I'm honest to a fault all the time
but the way fate' been fucking with me
these past few years is a crime
cancer, betrayal, and loneliness
have all taken their toll on me
if you ever looked in my eyes
a broken spirit is all you'd see

There's just not one place for me
I need to see different places
enjoy meeting new people
because I like to study faces
I like the city, and the country
what more do I need to say
why do I have to explain myself
after all, I'm just that way...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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