Two Poems:
turned and said goodbye & the bags they sell are blue
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

turned and said goodbye

I saw her for the first time in forever
while I was downtown the other day
she was very glad to see me she said
we both had a lot to say

she told me her life is wonderful
I told her my world's falling apart
she said she's found a new pimp
I told her about my broken heart

time passed and things got stressful
I knew what she had on her mind
she turned around and said "let's go"
while shaking her firm round behind

she wanted me to buy her some cocaine
said she'd do anything I wanted her to do
then told me about a place she knows
where the bags they sell are blue

"the blue bags are big and fat
the quality just can't be beat
blue's better than any other bag
you can buy out there on the street"

I told her I wasn't interested
that I gave up getting high
she scratched her head in wonder
smiled and asked me why...

I said I need to get going
watched her eyes drift towards some guy
walking up the street rather slowly
I turned and said goodbye


the bags they sell are blue

the bags they sell are blue
they're bigger than the rest
of all the others on the street
the blue bags are the best

her words echoed in my tired brain
my resistance was starting to fade
I thought about the fun I could have
getting high and getting laid

I remembered that one line's too many
ten thousand lines are not enough
snorting leads to smoking and shooting
and that's when things get rough

so wired from over indulgence
all I'd want to do is one more
sweating bullets; arms dripping blood
crawling around bugging on the floor

I hailed the first taxi I saw coming
begged him to get me out of town
going home was the right thing to do
now I long to go back and get down...
©2010 Jim Nasium

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