In Another Life Time
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

In another life time

In another life time
I was a young man
had the whole world
in the palm of my hand
everything came easy
life was care free
I was so adventurous
strong and healthy

In another life time
I traveled all around
magical far away places
going from town to town
higher than the Andes
in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
there's so many memories
I wish I could share with you

In another life time
I lived in Negril
had a nice little house
up on Monkey Hill
spent my days laying
around on the beach
everything I wanted
was always in reach

In another life time
I knew I was in love
she gave me a son
a gift from above
we were to get married
but that all fell through
fate is a fickled mistress
what'a ya gone'a do

In another life time
my future was all set
had my ducks in a row
not one single regret
but that was then
and here I am now
hanging on by a thread
just getting by some how

In another life time
I had a big family
was sure they all loved
and cared about me
until I got real sick
and greed filled their head
thinking of insurance money
waiting for me to be dead...

In another life time
I wasn't sad, or alone
had everything I wanted
now fears are over grown
never felt so hopeless
my plate is empty
In another life time
I was very happy...
©2010 Jim Nasium

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