How I Got My Pen Name
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

Do you have a pen name? How did you decided on it? Here's a short story
poem all about how I took my pen name:

Was about thirty three years ago
we sat up on monkey hill
Rasta man had just passed the bag
we were ready for a thrill

As we reached Iree heights
the day passed I and I by
then Rasta smiled at me
said he wanted to know why

Why did I always run around
drunk in the streets of his town
forever getting in trouble
always high acting the clown

Why was it that I thought
I just had'a to get into
each and every woman I saw
even tried his oldest daughter too

He told me that his home town
was not my personal gymnasium
that I had better slow it down
police would notice if I hazed them

So later that night under the stars
sitting up on the roof of my home
out of the blue I took my pen name
while writing in my diary all alone

Since my real first name is Jim
it only seemed natural what can I say
and ever since that night in Negril
I write my pen name this way...

©2010 Jim Nasium

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