Hobos Arestinky
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

When you can't love or trust any more because your hearts been broken beyond repair, you're better off alone and just maybe should become a hobo...
    Hobos Arestinky
(based on a true story)
was down the tracks the other day
and much to my surprise
I found what looked like a camp site
and a bunch of dirty guys
sitting 'round drinking wine
laughing and telling jokes
so I walked over and introduced myself
they looked like decent folks...
down the tracks is a place
not too people many go
near a busy freight station
where a creeks runs by real slow
when it's hot it's a perfect spot
to go and sit in the shade
especially for dirty old hobos
wearing clothes that are torn and frayed...
I asked the man closest to me
if he would tell me his name
he got a great big smile on his face
as if he were going to play a game
right away he scored when he said Bill Board
and I knew he was playing with me
so I asked him to please tell me his real name
he replied Hobos Arestinky...
I got the joke and laughed with folk
that wore their story on their face
they were heart broken and lonely
so when it got time to leave that place
I asked them if it would be okay
for me to come back soon, again
I promised them I would bring food
they said "you're always welcome friend"...
 the very next night with my flashlight
I made my way back down the tracks
had a bunch of fresh food and wine
in a couple of large cloth sacks
but when I got there, with stuff to share
all the hobos were already gone
I left the sacks there any way
thinking maybe they'd return at dawn...
was down the tracks the other day
met a man called Hobos Arestinky
he was a very witty fellow
but ever so unhappy
right from the start, I knew his heart
was at least as broken as my own
when you can't love or trust any more
you're better off alone...

©2010 Jim Nasium

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