Colombia, Ecuador or Peru
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

Have you ever seen a comet floating by
while you were sitting cross legged very high
way up in The Andes with nothing to do
maybe some where in Colombia, Ecuador or Peru

Have you witnessed the difference between rich and poor
while in some third world country trying to score
a big bag of enjoyment that'll be just for you
while wandering around Colombia, Ecuador or Peru

Have you tried to help everyone that you could
knowing you'll be safe as long as you do good
keeping Karma clean; to yourself being true
wandering aimlessly in Colombia, Ecuador or Peru

Have you experienced the wonder of a land time forgot
lost in vastness of unexplored rain forests so hot
searching for ruins, fame and fortune too
wandering around high in Colombia, Ecuador or Peru

Have you any idea of what goes on in my head
as I hopelessly day dream, stuck in my bed
too tired and sore to ever again try to do
the things I did in Colombia, Ecuador or Peru..

©2008 Jim Nasium

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