It's Always Darkest Before Dawn
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

it's always darkest before dawn
in 3 parts (religious in nature)

it's always darkest before dawn
and when I feel all hope is gone
I find it best to get on my good knee
and let His merciful love comfort me

and while I pray I'm in a new place
I feel reassured I (still) have His grace
so I ask Him why this is happening to me
why am I tortured, continually

why does my spirit fight with my flesh
when are the two ever going to mesh
why do I want to do things I shouldn't do
tell me Dear Lord, I'm begging you...


it's always darkest before dawn
any chance for change is all but gone
hopelessly sinking in a pit of despair
I beg Him for comfort, knowing He's there

I'm sure He can hear me, and that He understands
I need Him to show me; what are His plans
why is this happening to me any way
things just get worse, every freaking day

I'm tired, weak, angry, bitter, and sick
and this is not the life I would pick
if things had gone different these past five years
He is the only one, that sees my tears...


it's always darkest before the dawn
and when I think I can't carry on
I get down on my good knee
and ask Him to just please tell me

why am I alive, when I should be dead
and why is this sadness in my heart and head
what did I do to deserve this lonely fate
and how can I change it, or is it to late

and as I feel this cancer eating at me
I beg Him to set my spirit free
to take me home to his loving face
He knows I no longer want to be in this place...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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