A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

The sound of a train pulling into the station
that "were finally here" last few blasts of the whistle
at first, I'll admit bothered me
but now that same sound comforts my soul

every time I hear a train whistle in the distance
I think of all the people on that train
the men and women coming home from work
or maybe a shopping trip day in the city

Reassured that life is still going on all around me
when I hear a train's whistle as it pulls in the station
gives me hope, if only for a few seconds
and I can smile, briefly, even feeling this isolated


there's a difference between the sound
of a trains whistle while coming, or going
I speak with great authority
since there's a train station just down the street

I've studied the sound of the trains
coming into or going out of the station
for almost sixteen months now
and I know the difference well

where are these people on the train going
and where are all the others coming from
I sit here listening, knowing the difference sounds
feeling a little isolated...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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