Up At 3:00AM: The Woman In The Flowers
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

I can't seem to sleep anymore
all I do is toss, turn and weep
my body hurts every where
it's so hard to fall asleep
I've got so much on my mind
the pain in my broken heart
is killing me, very slowly
ever since my world fell apart

I get out of bed get dressed again
decided to go for a walk and get some air
I head out of town to the park
knowing no one will  be there
I sit on a bench and look around
surprised at what I see
the full moon light, so very bright
exposed a vision to me...


I don't think she can see me
as I watch her sitting over there
among the tall wild flowers
the wind blowing through her hair
and as she sits there silently
playing with her rock collection
thinking of the past, and how nothing lasts
it's an image of beauty and perfection

Once she put her rocks away
she put her hat back on
and in a blink of the eye
the woman in the flowers was gone
I sit here trying to figure out
if I was dreaming or if it was real
never the less I will confess
I like the way the vision made me feel


I head back to my apartment
make a big pot of coffee
go up to my studio
to see if any one wrote to me
send my challenges out to the list
them go sit outside for awhile
trying to convince myself
I don't deign I live in denial

Every days the same; very lame
nothing new ever happens to me
the hours go by; I want to get high
but that's all history
I'm way to weak and don't need to seek
pleasures of the body
my soul's in control, I don't feel whole
I just want to be set free...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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