The Blue Butterfly
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

At Dawn we left camp to cross the river
there's a valley nearby, or so they say
where cattle graze and mushrooms grown
and it rains butterflys every day
of all the butterflys one can find there
The Blue Butterfly is the one I'm looking for
and in the Valley Of BonBon they say
there are Blue Butterflies galore...

We walked along a narrow path
cut through thick jungle vegetation
and with each step we took we felt
more tired, and great trepidations
then suddenly it occurred to me
I was in the dimension
so I started to eat, mushrooms sweet
with out fear or hesitation

We walked all day to make our way
to the magical valley and then
we made a camp, and the local tramp
said she wanted to be my friend
we started a fire, she burned with desire
the whole day had passed us by
what could I say, tomorrows another day
it was time to relax and get high

They told me The Blue Butterfly
I'm trying to catch is everything
when it comes to the spirit of the jungle
The Blue Butterfly is the King
and they explained that is why
the thing is so hard to catch
I put my pipe up to my mouth
then I struck a match

In the light of the match I saw it
The Blue Butterfly was right there
when I put my spot light on him
he didn't move or seem to care
and as he sat on a mushroom
growing there in the field
secrets of the old masters
were suddenly revealed

It was easy, out of body
to catch the Blue Butterfly
but in my net, and I will never forget
I swear I heard the thing cry
I let it go and wouldn't ya know
the Blue Butterfly came back to me
it sat on my head, and I heard it said
thank you for letting me go free....

The fire burned out, and there was no doubt
the hour was getting late
dawn lit up the sky, I was still so high
I forgot all about my date
but the local tramp had left our camp
she spent the night with the guide
when I finally told him what happened over night
he laughed at me, and thought I lied...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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