The Little Bird
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

I offer you a story poem about the little bird who had everything a little bird could want but he wasn't happy so he decided to fly South and leave his home behind...

Not happy with every thing he had
feeling confused, lonely, and sad
the little bird wanted to go away
as he sat there, his thoughts began to sway

There were bread crumbs laying on the ground
fresh seeds and juicy worms all around
but the little bird didn't care much for food that day
the day he finally decided to just fly away

As the little bird flapped his wings with all his might
he knew he'd have to fly all day and night
to get to warmer weather, down in the South
but now he longed for a juicy worm in his mouth

Gone too far to turn around and go back
the little bird heard a honk honk and a quack quack
as some geese and ducks quickly passed him by
he was so tired, and hungry, he wanted to die

Wondering why he ever left his home
to go South for adventure and roam
in a land he knew nothing about at all
when suddenly the little bird began to fall

His wings were tired and they gave out
the poor bird knew it was over, with out a doubt
when he hit the ground he would surly die
so the poor bird just started to cry

As the little bird fell faster he said
"in a few seconds I know I'll be dead
why did I leave my nest and the yard
I had no idea going South was this hard"

Just then a hungry red tail hawk flew by
grabbed the bird and said, "please don't cry
you may think I'm going to eat you but I'm not
I'm going to take you to my private spot"

"I will happily share my food with you
and you can sleep in my nest if you want too
when you feel stronger, come the new day
when you're ready you can fly away"

Now the moral of the story is easy
if you look I know you will see
we can help others when they need help bad
even if it goes against our nature and makes us sad

Yes the hawk wanted to eat the little bird that day
but he fed the thing and let it fly away
some times doing things we really don't want to
is the very best thing we can do...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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