The Hotel Delta (the next time around)
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

The Hotel Delta hadn't changed
during the months he was gone
he was happy to be back at the place
when he pulled into town at dawn

The old lady was asleep in her chair
behind the front counter near the TV
but as he stood there watching her
she woke suddenly

She stood up and looked at him
said "good morning, it's nice to see you again
do you want your old room with the balcony
and would you like a female friend?"

He told her he was tired, and would be okay
or at least for a little while
and he said if he needed anything
he'd call room service, which made her smile

He got to his room and a reggae tune
was playing on the rooms radio
he saw the bed thought of resting his head
but first he wanted to do a little blow...


he walked to the table but wasn't able
to do a hell of a lot more
but dump out a large pile of blow
take a big snort, and want a whore

He picked up the phone said, "I'm alone
can you send a whore up to me
tell her to bring a few bottles of wine
and that I got lots of money"

After a shower and some powder
he felt refreshed and ready to go
there was a knock on the door, it was his whore
so he gave her money and offered snow

She got on the bed, gave him head
he put coke on a dish for her to use
she said "tonight's your lucky night
I love to get high, and be abused"...


Sex was okay but the end of the day
came as the sun set in the West
she laid in a puddle of sweat, and cum
kept repeating "my god; you're the best"

He sat at the table and attempted to
relax after what he went through
she fell asleep on the bed
and he knew his stay there was through

After all this was Colombia
a place where you can't trust any one
you got to take what you can
when you can: hit and run

so he packed his bag
after doing a few big piles of toot
he left while he could, he knew he should
while he still had his stash and his loot...

©2008 Jim Nasium

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