The First Time I Ever Went There
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

The first time I ever went there
I couldn't believe my eyes
so I looked out the nearest window
looked up towards the skies
I asked my god to give me strength
to sit there for the whole hour
just then a dark cloud covered the sun
and suddenly we got a rain shower

I excused myself and told them all
that I left the windows down in my car
but I really planned to take a short ride
right down to the corner bar
I had a strong drink and started to think
I'd better get back there right away
and that once I got back there again
this time I would try to stay

By the time I got back to the church
they were jumping around every where
they were singing and shouting in tongues
waving their arms up in the air
some one was washing some one's feet
some others were laying their hands
on a person who was chasing away demons
it was all too much for me to understand

I stood at the door till I could take no more
then I went to stand over by my car
there was plenty of time, and it wasn't a crime
to go back down to the corner bar
I didn't know what to do, my son was in there too
with his mother the wacko from space
and as I stood out side I gathered my pride
walked back in with a smile on my face

The first time I ever went there
was also the very last time too
I was not happy with what I hear
didn't like the things I saw them do
and from that day on, even to this day
I go to church right here, in my heart
and as long as I do, I swear to you
He and I are never apart...

©2009 Jim Nasium

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