A Story Poem by Jim Nasium


I'm please you think I came up with something very well written about
Woolgatherers. Allow me to point out that good Woolgatherers are only as
good as good Woolgatherers when the wool the Woolgatherers gather is
efficiently gathered and placed conveniently nearby the place that had been
and always will be, one way or another, agreed on previously...

Never the less I am very pleased that you think I've come up with something very well written about Woolgatherers. Perhaps there is a bit of a Woolgather in me somewhere after all; who really knows?

Now, about that picnic...

I think we'd do good to stay away from any Woolgatherers while we picnic,
don't you? I mean what if the Woolgatherers actually turned out to be
Picnicgatherers and were actually Picnicgatherers in Woolgatherers  clothing
to deceive us long enough to allow the Picnicgatherers to gather up our
picnic lunch??

Woolgatherers: Those who engage in fanciful daydreaming...

©2009 Jim Nasium

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