It's Just Another Day
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

...and at midnight
when the last train rolls in the station
the whistle echoes in my room
and breaks the silence

the midnight trains whistle
a haunting sound
stirs memories
and I drift off in a dream

I dream I hear the whistle
of the old steam train
fighting to climb Andean slopes
deep in the heart of Peru

I smell the odors
animals, smoke and dirty people
I feel the vibrations
old steel wheels on a rusty track

I am young and healthy
so very high in the Andes
wandering aimlessly
in a land time forgot

Suddenly I wake to silence
it's dark and I am alone
a tear rolls down my cheek
I realize it was just a dream

again the silence is broken
dawns first train rolls in
the whistle echoes in my room
it's just another day...

©2009 Jim Nasium

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