Old Age: Prose, Limericks and Quatrains
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium


Some folks I have talked to over the past few years I've been going to the OLD AGE Home my dear mother is in would have me believe OLD AGE is all girthy and mirthy, but I'm not buying it. It's clear as can be, at least to me OLD AGE is not all girthy and mirthy, not from what I've seen of it.

Over the years I've gone to the OLD AGE Home my very own dear mother is in I've witness more than enough to help me to concluded OLD AGE is about as far away from being girthy and mirthy as we here on Earth are from the freaking sun... if not farther.

Never the less as I feel my own OLD AGE creeping up on me the only thing I can tell you OLD AGE is the second thing to go on your body are your knees, but right now I can't recall what the first thing to go is...


Old age is not much fun I found
your mind's gone but your body's sound
but then again
some times my friend
it is the other way around

(your body's gone but you're of sound mind...)

Old age can't be much fun at all
at least not the parts that I saw
in the old folks home
where residents roam
unattended out in the hall

(it's so very sad...)

Old age is the worse thing around
your body's gone, but your mind's sound
and is some case
it's on their faces
that they feel alone and let down

(no one ever visits you when you're old)



I like your comments on old age, which reek
of countless ways no human ought to speak.
but the thing that bothers me most is your physique
because when you stand there you do look oblique

Yes I like your comments on old age, which reek
but who can stop you once you start you geek
you always did have your own special technique
just one of the many reason I think you're unique

And I like your comments on old age, which reek
so very much so they deserve a serious critique
but I'm tired of listening to you and I've grown weak
and so for now some sort of energy is all I seek...

Let's go get a cup'a coffee, but before we go just let me say...

That I like your comments on old age, which reek
just like your underwear with that big brown streak
that you've been wearing now for well over a week
where'd you buy them; the second hand store boutique?...

©2009 Jim Nasium

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