I Saw A Rainbow Yesterday
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

I saw a rainbow yesterday
after thunder showers passed by
the sun was trying it's very best
to break through the dark cloud sky
as I stood there watching the rainbow
so brilliant with natures every hue
I was over whelmed with goosebumps
suddenly it was nineteen seventy two...

I was walking through an endless field
way out in the middle of no where
higher than the Condors that circled above
in the chilly Andean Mountain air
I could smell field grass and the cows
that grazed near the mushroom that grew
out of the ground just waiting to be found
and I wasn't sure what to do...

I sat on the ground, didn't hear a sound
until the wind blew and asked me to stay
made me aware that if I didn't care
I could just let my mind slip away
no reason to talk, and since I can't walk
it'd be easy to go quietly insane
instantly my body felt cold and wet
because once again it started to rain...

as the rainbow slowly faded I realized
I was sitting on my deck here at home
seems I drifted off in a day dream
my restless spirit longs to roam
but my broken body won't let me
seems to me I'm stuck right here
I saw a rainbow yesterday
and watched it slowly disappear...

©2009 Jim Nasium

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