That's All I Got To Say...
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

I went to the Grocery Store the other day
it was way too hot and sunny
as I was walking through the front door
suddenly I felt very dizzy
I fell to the ground, and heard the sound
of church bells ringing in my head
I saw white light, and thought I might
finally, at long last, be dead

a little time passed by, then finally I
realized I wasn't dead at all
I tried to make sense of what happened
as I leaned against the glass wall
no one was there to lend a hand
not one person asked if I was okay
even though many saw me pass out
they just kept going on their way


I was downtown on business the other day
decided I would drive my own car
I had no idea that it cost so much to park
or that a parking garage would be so far
from where I had to go but wouldn't you know
I decided to walk the rest of the way, what a mistake
by the time I went just two full city blocks
I thought my hip implant would break

I sat on the corner of an old building's ledge
until a policeman chased me away
tried my best to hail a taxi but I
was forced  to walk on, that day
my leg started to swell and then I fell
in the middle of a busy side walk
not one person stopped to lend a hand
they just walked by and continued to talk.


I called all my friends and people I know
explained the situation over here's getting bad
I begged them to see what they could do
but all I managed to do was make them mad
they went on and on about how bad
things are going right now for them too
so here I sit writing stupid poems
I  just don't know what else to do

one of these days, sooner or later
there'll be no poems sent out from me
I may miss a doctors appointment
or not be where I'm supposed to be
no one will care that I'm dead in this chair
to them it will be just another day
why should they give a fuck I've run out of luck
and that's all I got to say...

©2010 Jim Nasium

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