Some Call Him Genius, Others Insane...
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

alone all the time with nothing to do
every day's the same; nothing's new
except that he's sinking deeper every day
watching all he had slowly slip away

no one to turn to no place to go
it won't be too long even if time moves slow
he's out of favors, luck, money and time
not much to do but sit and write rhyme

everything's gone, there's nothing left to sell
his life's become a real live living hell
no work to be found, no money for rent
seems all his chances are finally spent

turned to the county but got no help at all
he's stuck in a corner his back to the wall
asked his friends to see if their church would
but they won't help like a good church should

he knew it was time to do some thing he
didn't want to do but he thought maybe
if he pulled it off  he'd have plenty of cash
but he'd have to leave town in a mad dash


shortly after midnight on chilly foggy night
he went down the way and hid out of sight
waited for a drug dealer to come open shop
looked around to be sure there wasn't a cop

he jumped out of no where with a gun in his had
robbed the drug dealer and made him understand
he wasn't playing and wanted drugs and money
but the dealer thought the whole thing funny

a gun shot later the dealer was on the ground
blood formed a pool and then he heard the sound
a police siren coming closer so he ran away
trying to get to a safe place to stay

eventually he made it back to his house
he turned off the light stayed quiet as a mouse
locked all the doors and the windows too
wanted no one to see what he was going to do

grabbed a glass of water and a bottle of wine
he knew that soon he'd be feeling fine
all by himself by the light of the moon
in a room with a table, chair, needle and a spoon


he dumped out a few bags on to the dry spoon
then added some water knowing very soon
he'd be doing something he didn't want to do
and as he cooked his fix anticipation grew

he loaded the needed then tied off his arm
knowing this hot shot would do him harm
hitting the mark with his very first try
he injected the solution, waiting to get high

the rush was amazing he saw pure white light
his ears were ringing and he thought he might
be able to handle the pressure in chest and head
knowing that soon he'd most likely be dead

it felt like he was spinning around in his chair
he clearly heard whispers but no one was there
his heart beating sounded a lot like a drum
he thought to himself, that was dumb...

knowing he didn't do enough last time he
decided to do more and this time completely
blow out his heart and put an end to his pain
some called him genius, others insane...

(Rest In Peace my friend)

©2010 Jim Nasium

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