Original Sin...
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

So I read The Book Of Splendor
learned about Adams very first wife
how Lilith demanded to be an equal
which caused both Adam and God strife
she was banned from The Garden Of Eden
cursed to lose 100 (of her) children each day
I learned Eve was Adams second wife
and Eve behaved the correct way

God created Eve from Adams rib
Eve was ordered to be submissive
they prospered and they multiplied
each had so very much love to give
but Eve took a bite of forbidden fruit
the serpent lost it's limbs that day
I was born with original sin
and some how I've gone astray...


Wasted years have caused me tears
more than ever recently
I sit and write alone at night
about things that use to be
I wonder why I didn't die
when my Oncologist said I would
and I wonder why I never do
the correct thing when I know I should

I find myself surrounded
dark forces torment me
I call out to my Savior
get down on my good knee
surrender to the fact that I'm
far too weak to ever win
and justify my decisions
because of original sin...


I wish I had Solomon's magic ring
to control demons like he did
it's all in The Book Of Splendor
The Bible keeps things like that hid
and I wish I could start over
knowing what I know today
I wouldn't be in this position
watching everything slip away

there are things I regret and I try to forget
I've been my own worse enemy
time's goes by so fast, and I know my last
chance was the very last chance for me
alone as can be no one will help me
not family, friend or kin
but that's okay, I'll do things my own way
and blame it on original sin...

©2010 Jim Nasium

The Book Of Splendor

Lilith the succubus

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