A Can Of Creative Fodder...
A Story Poem by Jim Nasium

a can of creative fodder

I found a can of creative fodder
it was laying on the ground
I wasn't sure what to do with it
so I took it to the lost and found
when I got there it became clear
I should keep the can for me
and so I turned and walked away
hiding the can so no one could see...

I walked about a block or so
turned the corner and ran up an alley
carefully pulled the can from under my coat
I didn't want any one to see me
just when I got the top off the can
my Muse appeared from out of nowhere
she said she forgives me for chasing her away
that she'll admit tormenting me wasn't fair...

 My Muse and I went home and got high
talked about the good old days, back when
she'd sing her siren song of inspiration
to help pass lonely hours, but then
I got really drunk, smelled like a skunk
and I chased my dear Muse away
I was tired of words and images floating
with sweet smoke in the air every day.

Time went by then she and I
made love right there on the floor
she's such a tease, and I love to please
the sensation was better than ever before
as we laid tangled in a lovers knot
trying our best to avoid the wet spot
I asked her to sing her siren song
said I was ready to take all she got...

I found a can of creative fodder
it was laying on the ground
in an open field by an abandoned house
over on the bad side of town
I was there trying to forget my Muse
didn't want to create any thing any more
I thought I might get me a bag or two
maybe even pick up a whore...

  but I ended up at home safe and warm, just as sober as could be, not only did I find a can of creative fodder, but my Muse came back to save me, and I guess I could go on and on, but I think I have said enough for now, I'll never ask my Muse to leave again, she's more than a lover; she's my pal...

©2010 Jim Nasium

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