A Dream: Baby Camels
Jim Nasium

Pink like the pink of a newborn white mouse, hairless, as hairless as could be, floating around in thick Palm Oil, in oval tin that opened with a key, glued firmly to one side of the tin, that was wrapped in a thick piece of tape, holding some thin wrapping paper, displaying a sunsets desert landscape, were a dozen dried pink tiny camels, all lined up in a row, stacked into a uniformed shape, their oiled dried skin aglow, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, as the young lady came over, sat next to me, she asked politely "may I" and smiled, took the biggest one and said "yummy"...

Picture if you can my surprise, upon opening the can, I was expecting some sort of dried fish, I am sure you can understand, tiny pink hairless baby camels, don't really appeal to me, besides after trying one of them, I concluded they're way too boney...

Lost In The Desert, Believe It Or Not

So there I was lost in the Sahara Desert, alone, hungry, thirsty, wandering through the dunes for days with the hot sun beating down on my back and vultures circling above my head. There was a few times when I thought I had come upon an oasis but each time it was just a mirage...

I walked for another full day when off in the distance I saw a old wood shack with a few palm and date tress surrounding it. There was a neon sign on the roof of the place that flashed: Ice Cold Water, Beer and Food. I tried to convince myself it was just another mirage but the more I did the more i was sure this time I was actually seeing what I was seeing...

I tried to walk towards the place but so was weak and tired I fell. I laid in the sand for awhile and once I was able to gather the very last of my strength had to crawl up to the place. The young woman behind the open drive service window smiled at me and said "Welcome, what can I get for you" in perfect English. I was shocked and thought for sure I had lost my mind from dehydration and exhaustion...

I asked for a big glass of water and as I was sipping on the iced refreshment I noticed a bunch of silver gray tins; they looked like sardine tins tacked up on the shelf. I am not a big fan of anything in a tin but hunger got the best of me so I asked for one of the tins assuming it was a tin of sardines or some other dried fish. She smiled and said "you'll love these" but hadn't asked me for one cent towards my purchase yet...

She handed me the tin and as hard as I tried I just could not read the label; it was written in some unknown (to me) language. I took my tin and glass of water and made my way over to one of the three tables set up over by the trees, in the shade. I slowly pulled the key from the side of the tin and carefully open the thing; i didn't want to spill any of the oil I was sure the contents was packed in...

To my surprise when I finally got the tin open there was no fish but in fact there was a dozen of the tiniest little pink hairless baby camels packed neatly in a row; six facing one way, six facing the other floating in what appeared to be date or palm oil...

©2015 Jim Nasium

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