The Wild Song Bird
Jim Nasium


she loved a wild song bird
would sing for her each day
she sat by the open window
loved to hear what it had to say
the bird had a way about him
his song made her want to cream
at first when she got too close
he pushed away with a scream
wild song birds need many places
they can go to roost
being loved by so many
gives a birds libido a boost
his beak's long and sturdy
he sings his song so well
but when he gave his heart to her
his whole life went to hell
the song bird made a big mistake
he trusted her too much
she loved the way he'd sing
he longed to feel her touch
she locked him in a small cage
clipped his powerful wings
today that once happy wild song bird
trapped; no longer sings"


the wild song bird just sits there
day after day in his cage, alone
some times he tries to fly away
but she broke both his wing bones
she tried to destroy his spirit
wanted to break him down
she feels the need to get even
for the past when the wild song bird flew around

when she wanted him he didn't care
he flew from roost to roost
having so many admirers
gave the wild song birds libido a boost
he swore he'd never be tied down
but when he finally offered his heart
ended in with clipped wings in a small cage
his whole world fell apart...

the wild song bird just sits there
waiting for a miracle; a way to escape
it's not so bad during the day
but at night she covers the cage with a cape
and he gets really lonely some times
he still longs for her love and touch
she gives him fresh water every now and then
and that wild song bird seed he likes so much


the wild song birds getting lazy
eats too much and he's getting fat
has learned to avoid the corner of his cage
with messy newspaper where he shat
he's chewed up his last wood perch
his beak is all raw and red
can't sing if he wanted to
he wishes he were dead

she has no reason to keep him
alive in his small cage
it's time to let him go
time to turn the page
let him limp away; go home
at least he can say he tried
he lost at love and lost everything
except his foolish pride

and so the song bird sits and waits
one day he knows he'll be free
he understands with broken wings
he'll never be the bird he use to be
but at least he will be out of that cage
if he ever finds help to get away
he needs to be where he belongs
so he might sing again some day

©2015 Jim Nasium

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