Jim Nasium


saw it in the sky, was all aglow
knew right away, was a UFO
stood still and screamed out, please take me
this is not where I want to be
thought of adventure, flying through space
felt a warm breeze blow across my face

the thing just sat there, hovering over me
couldn't be sure if any one else could see
time seemed to stand still, then a white light
felt very cold but yet every thing was alright
as if by magic I was floating through air
was very happy to get away from here...


flew to the moon and then back again
stopped in Peru to see an old friend
circled the planet stopping here and there
just me and The Grays with out a care
time passed by quickly, next thing I knew
I was a young man again of twenty twenty-two

taught things that no other human will know
felt my spirit yearning to grow
asked them to tell me the meaning of live
they asked me why I never took a wife
I told them something my father told me
"never bring anything home ya got to feed, if ya want to be happy"

©2015 Jim Nasium

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