Name Poems
Jim Nasium

He said his name was Christan Egger
and that it was plain to see
I was one of them Christan's
then he threw an egg on me
I stood in shock for a moment
was angry as could be
but turned the other cheek
he threw another egg on me

She said her name was Miss Understood
but she also goes my Miss Behave
she asked if I was Mister Meaner
then invented me to a Rave
said I'm not into that kind of thing
but we can go have a drink
she looked good in her little black dress
her shoes and hair were pink

Aunty Freeze was cold blooded
the meanest bitch around
every one knew about her
in every part of town
no one could go near her
after she had a couple of drinks
she offered sex for money
but her pussy stinks...

Phil was slated to go in a hole
they discovered out side of town
the hole was actually pretty deep
and was perfectly round
Phil has been used for years and years
to fill in many a hole
he said it don't bother him
but it has an effect on his soul

Art was hanging on the wall
begging to come down
no one cared to help him
they ignored him when they found
he had been hanging on the wall
for years before they got there
it's no wonder he's hung up
no one seems to care

Bill came to me through the mail
packaged very secure
wish I could put a stop to it
and not get a Bill any more
but sooner or later, or so they say
if you dance you got to pay
the fiddler demands his due
if you want to hear him play

©2015 Jim Nasium

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