A Few Poems About Sobriety
Jim Nasium


was on the highway, driving towards the rising sun
been driving all night, first day's done
more than half way, was almost there
it warmed my heart, just to be that near...

to be that near, to my home town
where I belong, known all around
big fish in a small pond, but only there
small fish in the ocean here, water's not clear

waters not clear, the air is stale
if I get in trouble, who'll go my bail
and what would I do, in prison alone
no TV or internet, no cell phone...

no cell phone, no way to touch base
only photos of her, her tits, pussy and face
taped to my wall, for all to see
maybe I'll get, what I want for free

what I want for free, a way back home
I'm tired of sobriety, want to smoke a bone
do a couple bags, a couple big lines
get a few bottles of red and white wines

red and white wines, memories of you
just waiting for me, things that we'd do
nothing is sacred, nothing is fair
don't want to be here, want to be there


tired of sobriety, want to smoke a bone
lock myself in a room, happy alone
a couple bags, a couple big lines
get a few bottles of red and white wines

tired of sobriety, enough is enough
nothing got easy, only got rough
nothing to do, no place to go
stranger in a strange land, time passes slow

tired of sobriety, this isn't me
take a good look at my colorful history
I feel trapped, my spirits wants free
who am I, I wonder, lost my identity

tired of sobriety, that much is true
wish I could do, things I use to do
miss monkey business, making money
saving up to be poor and that's not funny

tired of sobriety, I miss my truck
ever since I sold it, been down on my luck
I miss my work, working with my son
out there together, making work fun

tired of sobriety, made a mistake
this isn't me, everything's fake
don't know where I am, what am I doing here
confused and depressed, over whelmed with fear


didn't feel much like writing yesterday but this morning my Muse sang her Siren Song of inspiration the moment i sat at my desk, tormenting me, again... so I wrote.

I asked my Muse to leave me alone
pull down the shades, turned off my phone
took out a file and got to work
turning solid to powder, wearing a smirk

My Muse just sat there, a tear in her eye
she made her self clear, wanted to know why
I push her away, when she sings to me
but shouldn't she know, I'm not so happy

microwave spinning, time's almost through
only one more step, I got to do
into the freezer, times passes slow
cold hard steel, accepts the blood flow

ears are ringing, seeing white light
spinning in the air, what a delight
every thing's blurry, but that's okay
what'a way to start, a new day

©2015 Jim Nasium

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