Jim Nasium

They Left Quito

They left Quito 36 hours ago, still no word from them yet... I'm pretty sure they did score, got home clean is my bet, but I wonder why we haven't heard any thing, from either one of them by now, guess I should try to call them, get through to them somehow...

They left Quito 36 hours ago and the last thing I heard, they had fun in The Amazon, sent me an email with the secret word. I guess I got my hopes up, was looking forward to a little fun, I heard they both got a sun burn, from the hot equatorial sun...

They left Quito 36 hours ago, flew to Bogota, then Miami. I know they would have it well hid, a place where no one could see. Perhaps they got hung up in a hotel somewhere, lost for three days one night, all blown out and no doubt, without a friggin' care...

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