Jim Nasium

Rather Unusual Subject Matter

"Some rather unusual subject matter
you've been writing about recently"
is more or less what she said
at the Cafe where she met me
for brunch the other morning
she said "it's a Dutch Treat"
I'm truly smitten, can't help myself
she's so very sweet...

"Rather unusual subject matter
for a man of your years
there's no use trying to hide it
I can see the track of your tears"
she said to me the other night
over dinner at her place
she's got them long dancers legs
a very pretty face

"Rather unusual subject matter
but as long as you're happy"
she said with a smile on her face
as we were watching a movie on TV
I said "a man's not supposed to cry
but I can't fight it no more"
she didn't say another word
just got on her knees on the floor"

"Some rather unusual subject matter"
but what I write is true
a gentleman should never tell
so I'm not going to tell you
that we spent the rest of the night
tangled in a lovers knot
she knew what to do, I swear to you
we were both all sweaty and hot...

©2015 Jim Nasium

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